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The guide to finding the top credit cards, offering a zero percent interest rates, was written by Steven Moore, who has been covering consumer finance and the credit card markets since 2006. You can learn more and connect at his Google+ page

Top Ten 0% APR Credit Card Rankings 2021

1. Citi Diamond Preferred – 21 months of 0% for purchases
2. Wells Fargo – Great perks with these cards
3. Chase Slate – Top Rated For Balance Transfers, 0% APR for balance transfers 15 months if completed during first 60 days.
4. Capital One Venture – Awesome For Rewards, 0% for purchases 12 months.
5. Capital One Quick Silver – Great For Cash Back, 0% for purchases 9 months.

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6. Sony Card from Capital One – 0% intro apr for 10 months.
7. American Everyday – Rewards Galore, intro APR of 0% for 15 months.
8. Chase Freedom – 0% Intro Rate For First 15 Months

9. Citi Double Cash – 0% for purchases up to 15 months, great cash back promotions.
10. Citi Simplicity – 0% intro on purchases up to 21 months.

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Looking Forward to Zero Percent Credit Card Offers in 2018, follow these tips below

Thinking short-term where money is concerned usually doesn’t generate much revenue for you. As 2017draws to a close, many consumers are searching for zero percent credit card offers through 2021 for purchases and balance transfers. Having a 0% apr card offer for all of 2017 is a great way to save some money! So we are going to focus on finding the best offers for zero interest through 2018, including some offers from Example Four and Example Three that are great opportunities to save big!

Is it Too Good to Be True?

Zero percent from a credit card is akin to a zero percent loan, which is uniquely enticing to applicants. Although it may sound like a cleverly disguised impropriety, these credit cards are absolutely legitimate and really do deliver on their promises. Provided, that is, you as the card holder hold up your end of the bargain. One major boost to the promo in 2017 is an extended introductory rate, lasting for as long as 21 months for certain cards. Failure to remain up to date with the debt you carry on the card during that intro period will result in a fairly high interest rate however, but meticulous planning and timely payments keep the promise of zero percent alive and kicking. Click Here for additional Cash Back Credit Card Offers

Does the Deal Apply to You?

Zero percent interest is a pretty big deal to the credit card companies, so they aren’t going to take this risk with everybody. Provided you have an impressive credit profile and score to boot, these offers will be presented to you in the coming year. Click Here for additional Rewards Credit Card offers . In the event that your score is sitting somewhere between good and mediocre, try paying down on old debt so that you look like a safer bet for repayment. It’s just a game of black and red numbers, and naturally, the less red you’ve got, the better. In fact, if you’re carrying debt and would like to minimize it, becoming qualified for the zero percent card can be the best move you make.

What to Do with Zero Percent Funds?

The smartest maneuver you can make with such an introductory rate is debt reduction. For example, if you have a loan on which you are paying close to 20 percent and you move it over to the no interest terms, the near instantaneous savings are spectacular. One major company is offering a no interest intro rate and combining it with no transfer fees for 2018. The advantages of moving your debt to such a card are abundantly clear. If you happen to have a major purchase in mind for 2018, the zero percent will work for that too. With at least a year to pay it off in most cases, you could finagle some major financial advantages in both the short and long-term.

Zero percent credit cards can mean considerable savings for you in a number of ways. Start thinking ahead as we advance toward 2018 and make sure the card you use is always working in your best zero percent interest.

2018 Best Cards From all of the major banks and card companies all reviewed online

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