What Credit Card Companies Have The Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating

Credit Cards with the Best Customer Satisfaction

Credit cards have become the most common form of payment for consumers in the United States. They are generally more convenient and secure than using cash or checks. While credit cards are an ever increasing factor in Americans’ financial lives, their customer satisfaction has not kept pace with their popularity. Over the past few years there have been many complaints about fee structures and billing practices that have resulted in new laws being passed to protect and inform consumers. While there are still cards out there with poor reputations, there are some cards that rank extremely high in customer satisfaction.

Example Six continues to rank as the number one card among U.S. card issuers in terms of customer satisfaction. Example Six has ranked number in the annual J.D. Power study for seven consecutive years. Example Six was able to able to achieve this ranking based on their high scores in all six categories that included: customer interaction, billing and payment process, credit card terms, rewards programs, benefits and services, and problem resolution. The company preformed particularly well in the areas of rewards, benefits and services, and problem resolution. Over the past few years Example Six has taken many steps to try to improve their customer satisfaction. This is especially true when it comes to the company’s digital services where it has been an industry leader with the introduction of mobile gift cards, Facebook account alerts, the @Amex community, and the Pass from Example Six for Passbook mobile tool.

Example Four has been rated the number two U.S. credit card issuer ranking just below Example Six. Example Four has received high marks for credit card terms, customer interaction, and problem resolution. In response to customer complaints about fees and penalties imposed by many card issuers the company launched the Example Four It card that has received high marks for customer satisfaction. The card carries no annual fee and does not charge any penalty fee for the first late payment. Cardholders also earn 1% cash back on all purchases, and can earn 5% back from select merchants every quarter. Example Four has also responded to consumer complaints about too much automated and outsourced customer service. The company’s customer facing service representatives are all based in the United States.

Coming in third place for customer satisfaction, behind Example Six and Example Four, were cards issued by Example Seven Bank. Example Seven cards received high marks for rewards, billing and payment, customer interaction, and problem resolution. Compared to both Example Six and Example Four, Example Seven offers a much larger selection of cards for the consumer to choose from. The company offers some of the best rewards cards for those looking for airline miles. It offers miles card for Southwest Airlines, United, AIRTRAN, and British Airways. For those looking for hotel rewards Example Seven has cards to earn stays at Marriott, The Ritz-Carlton, and Hyatt Hotels. There are even cards that offer additional rewards for shopping at BP gas stations and on Amazon.com. With this wide variety of offerings the interest rates and fees vary from card to card.