Top Gas Rewards Cards to Consider This Year

Gas rewards credit cards can help you to earn cash back rewards if you frequently commute with your car and buy gas at the US petrol stations. Using the card enables you to have a lot of gas savings. The following are 6 cash back rewards cards that offers gas cash back rewards.

1. BankAmericard Cash Rewards
BankAmericard Cash Rewards is a great cash rewards card that offers 3% cash back for gas purchases Additionally, you can also get a 2% cash back rewards in grocery and wholesale clubs. Other categories of spending will be eligible for 1% cash back. You can continue to earn cash back for up to $2,500 in every quarter. The card offers a customer loyalty bonus where you will be rewarded with a $100 cash back after spending $500 within 90 days.

2. Blue Cash Preferred Card

Blue Cash Preferred Card offers 3% cash back when you pump petrol for your car at the local gas station. The card also offer a 6% cash back for up to $6000/year for your expenses at US supermarkets. You get 5% cash back on all travel related expenses for up to $4,000 within 6 months, which is equivalent to $200. The cash back that you earn can be exchanged as a statement credit. If you spend 1,000 in 3 months, you are eligible to redeem a $250 cash back in statement credit.

3. Costco Anywhere Visa card
Costco Anywhere Visa card offers 4% gas cash back rewards for up to $7,000 during the first year. You will earn the same 4% gas cash back when you buy gas at Costco or other petrol stations. It offers a 3% cash back for restaurant and travel expenses. The cash back that you earn can be exchanged for Costco vouchers.

4. PenFed Ultimate Cash Rewards Visa Card Plus

PenFed Ultimate Cash Rewards Visa Card Plus allows you to earn 5% cash back everytime you pump petrol at a US petrol station. The card also offer cash back rewards on other categories including 3% for supermarket expenses and 1% on other expenses. To qualify for the cash back rewards, you must have a checking account with at least $250 in balance.

5. Discover it Chrome

Discover it Chrome offers 2% cash back on purchases at gas stations and restaurants based in the USA for up to $1,000 of combined purchases. The card is suitable for you if you spend $1,000 on gas purchases. Discover it Chrome will automatically double the cash back rewards. The card has no annual fee and foreign transaction fee. Its APR free introductory period will expire after 12 months.

6. Wells Fargo Propel 365 American Express Card
Wells Fargo Propel 365 American Express card allows cardholders to earn unlimited 3% cash back gas rewards. Besides, you can claim a 2% cash back for spending at US restaurants and 1% cash back for everything else. The card is rewarding customers who spend $3,000 within 3 months with 20,000 points, which is equivalent to $200. During the first year, you don’t have t pay the $45 annual fee.

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