The Definitive Guide to Finding the Best Summer Gas Credit Card Deals for 2014

With just two weeks before the 4th of July, many families are gearing up for road trip across the country for a weekend at the beach or in a national park. Beyond doubt, the months of May, June, July and August are amongst the most popular for a long road trip and summer vacation.

Just this May, gas prices went up 14.5 cents higher per gallon compared to last year. At $3.68 per gallon, a trip even just to another state can add up to hundreds of dollars. If you are looking to save, a good gas credit card can help. Here’s how to find the best summer gas credit card deals for 2014.

How Do You Get the Best Gas Card Offers This Summer?

1. Take a moment to compare each card from the rest. Little differences will matter if you are considering a lot of criteria like the amount of savings, interest rates, spending requirements, minimum purchases, and more. Make a list of things that you would expect from a card then use that to benchmark your ideal card.

2. Know how to pick the right gas credit card. If you are serious about saving something out of a gas credit card, picking the right one will give you loads of savings. Some cards offer discounts off your total gas purchase while some rewards a fixed amount of cash- back for every gallon of gas purchased. It will be best to know which one will suit you best in order to get the most out of those discounts.

3. Check which gas stations are included in the promo. Some cards lists down which brands give the discounts but there are also those that allow you to choose your own station. Either way, make sure to refill on a gas station that has the least price. Search for the cheapest prices in your area and in places where you are most likely to get your gas.

4. Look for other perks included in the gas credit card. You might be lucky to have a card that gives you deals for purchases other than fuel. It might be discounts for things that will be essential in your travel like food, drinks, etc. The discounted gas prices plus these little deals on the side will be perfect for any of your summer trips.

5. Always read the details on the terms and conditions of using the card. As with other types of credit cards, you will need to pay the statements in full and always on time so that you can enjoy its benefits.
Gas credit cards are handy if you are having big plans for the summer. Road trips are costly and the bulk of the expenses are usually blamed on the fuel. With all the stress from work and home for the past months, getting a breather from everything is very welcome. It will be nice to drive without worrying too much on the cost and direct your attention to the fun you will have with every travel.