Best 2021 Rewards and Points Credit Cards – Compare & Apply Online

Top rated Rewards, Points & Perks Credit Cards of 2021

The best rewards cards guide was written by Steven Moore, who has been covering consumer finance and the credit card markets since 2006. You can learn more and connect at his Google+ page

rewards credit cards for 2021

Max Out Points and Rewards on Your 2018 Credit Cards

Every new year, people usually set higher financial goals for themselves. While this year probably won’t be any different for you when making resolutions, it can be considerably more profitable for you if you demand the best from your rewards and points credit card.

Top 10 Rewards Cards Rankings – January 2021

1. Capital One Venture – Awesome For Rewards
2. Capital One Quick Silver – Great For Cash Back
3. Bank of America Travel Rewards – Loaded With Perks, Great 0% Intro Rates
4. Chase Saphire – 1% on all purchase, plus great signup bonus rewards opportunity

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5. AMEX Premier Rewards Gold – Great signup bonus potential for 25,000 bonus points with $2000 in spending first 90 days
6. AMEX Everyday Card – 1% on all purchases, bonus opportunity for supermarkets.
7. Barclay Arrival Plus – 2 miles on all purchases, up to 40,000 bonus miles for spending $3000 during first 90 days.
8. Citi Thank You Premier Card – 1% on all purchases, bonus for gas and travel, plus spending bonus potential during first 90 days.
9. Expedia Card from Citi – 1 Expedia bonus point for all purchases, plus bonus opportunity on travel.
10. Chase Freedom – 1% cash on all purchases, $150 sign up bonus for spending $500 during first 90 days.

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Credit card companies are all in direct competition with each other, and you are their ultimate prize. The benefit is that as the market changes and banks get financially healthier, they generally increase their marketing offers to include new offers and promotions, some of which may include offering cards with limited time zero intro rates or extra miles, double points, or other incentives to apply for their credit card program. The cash back and rewards program that most suits your existing financial habits should be the one to watch for, however, along with offers that can open other opportunistic doors for you. If you already planned on making changes with what or how you buy, see what cards are most accommodating. Provided you qualify, there should be a card somewhere that works with you in every aspect, from the total money you spend in a month to saving toward the ultimate realization of dreams.

Points, Perks and Purchase Power

The top choice in rewards cards should yield amazing bonuses for you, with as little hassle as possible. When shopping for a rewards or points based card, try to find one that has no expiration with their rewards. As the competition heats up between the credit card companies, your level of satisfaction and sheer delight should increase exponentially. Merchandise from your favorite retailers, redemption toward travel, gift cards and cold hard cash should be among the list of rewards waiting for you. De-code the qualifications and specifications to ensure that you will be entitled to the rewards. Jot down the restrictions and keep them in your wallet if necessary. While all the bounties of the best credit cards should be yours, keeping up with the terms has tripped up many consumers right out of their entitlements.

Stock Up On Savings

When you have a high performance rewards cards at your finger tips, saving on the things you buy everyday can add up more quickly. Points accumulate, giving you access to free and discounted merchandise or services. Become the master of your own financial destiny by taking advantage and redirecting the unused funds toward savings.

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