Easy Tips To Follow For Saving Money In 2016

Great tips for saving some extra cash in 2016

All of us wish we could save or save more money than we already are, but it just seems to be so difficult in today’s economy to put anything away and not feel like we are going without things we consider “necessities” in life. But if we are really truthful, many of things are “necessities” at all, but little luxuries that we enjoy, however, if we gave them up or even just didn’t have them as often, we would find that we had that extra money to save.

Another easy way to save money is with grocery shopping. Check out your grocery store’s weekly circular and see what is on sale. Check out the coupons in your Sunday paper and see if anything there is something you can use. One of my favorite parts of grocery shopping is that my store receipt tells me how much I saved at the bottom. You might be surprised how good that can feel when you shop smart and save the same amount you spent. Certainly, there are things that are more expensive, but I simply must have, but I find other things to save on to make up the difference, and when it comes to grocery shopping, there isn’t much I go without. My house almost always has fresh fruits and vegetables and quality meats. Think about things that are on sale that freeze well, or dry goods that last. When the store has a great sale on those items, stock up. Butter recently went on sale in my local grocery store for $1.99 a pound after months of being twice that price or more. I knew the holidays were coming, and I would be doing a lot of baking. Butter freezes excellently, so before Thanksgiving, I had twelve pounds of butter in my freezer. The trick is don’t stock up on something just because it is a good buy. I know I will use that butter and none of it will go to waste. I don’t buy anything in bulk that will go bad before I use it, or that I don’t use much of.

Now, I know these days, smoking is a touchy subject with most, and a great number of people would tell you how much you could save if you would just quick smoking. Problem is that those people usually don’t smoke and think it’s an easy thing to do. It’s not easy, and for some people, there is just no desire to quit. However, there is a way to save a small fortune on the cost of smoking. Roll your own (RYO). Depending on where you live you might have shops that sell all the supplies at reasonable prices. If you are like me and don’t live in one of those areas, then there is always ordering on line. Invest in a decent machine, and then find an online shop that has good prices and is reliable with their shipping. The machine will pay for itself with your first batch of RYOs, again depending on where you live (like in New York City, I’ve heard cigarettes costing as much as ten dollars a pack), the money you save is substantial. With a good machine, you can make your own pack in less than 15 minutes and the cost of that pack? Two dollars or less. If you are a smoker, that’s a huge savings, so if you aren’t willing or ready to quit, take advantage of the amount money you can save by rolling your own.

That’s just three ways of saving a decent amount of money without really feeling like you are doing without the things you need or want. I got you started, now if you set your mind to it, I’m sure you can find even more ways that fit into your life to save money.

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