Does Discover Have a Credit Card that is Designed for Travelers

Discover does offer a travel credit card and the credit card is Discover it Miles. With Discover it Miles, you can earn 3x miles on each dollar spent on all purchases in the first year. The first 1.5x miles will be immediately credited when you use the card to make a purchase. The other 1.5x miles will be credited at the end of the first year if you promptly make repayment. From the second year onward, you will only earn 1.5x miles on all your purchases.

Miles can be redeemed for a statement credit for travel related purchases. Examples of travel related purchases are airline tickets, hotel room, car rental and travel agents. You don’t have to exchange the miles for a statement credit. They also allow you to convert the miles that you accumulate into cash back. There is no minimum redemption requirement. If you have some miles left over after using the miles to get discount for the travel purchases, you can request it to be directly deposited into your bank account.

One of the advantages of Discover it Miles is that you don’t need to pay any annual fee. They understand that cardholders can forget the due date for the first time they use the card so they have waived the penalty fee for the first late payment. Discover it Miles card is accepted by airlines and hotels around the world.

Discover it Miles allows the cardholders to temporarily freeze the account via the on/off switch. The on/off switch not just prevents new purchases from getting charged but it also prevent cash advance and balance transfer. It offers free in-flight Wi-Fi that is worth at least $30. The in-flight Wi-Fi can come in handy when you need to search something on the internet on the plane.

Discover it Miles features a zero percent intro APR for the first 14 months for purchases only. The 14 months zero percent intro promotion makes the card suitable for funding an expensive vacation. For balance transfer, they offer a reduction in the APR interest rate to 10.99% during the first 14 months. The APR interest rate that will be charged to you after the introductory period is in between 11.99% – 23.99%.

Overall, Discover it Miles is great for people who want to earn unlimited miles without having to keep track of the rotating categories that change every quarter. It earns cash back on all purchases so you can use the card not just for travel related purchases but also on paying your monthly bills. The minimum credit score that you need to have to qualify for a Discover it Miles credit card is 690 which is above the minimum fair credit score rating.

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