Best 2021 Cash Back Rewards Credit Cards Offers Online

Guide to the top rated cash back cards in 2021

Searching for the right credit card can become a bit overwhelming. We review hundreds of offers to help find the best cash back cards and offer straightforward advice to review top offers and promotions. Contributions to this section are from Steven Moore, who has been covering consumer finance and the credit card markets since 2006. You can learn more and connect at his Google+ page

Top 10 Cash Back Card Offers 2021

1. Wells Fargo – 1.5 cash back on all purchases, no annual fee.
2. Bank America Rewards – 1% on all purchases, additional % for grocery and gas.
3. Barclay Cash Forward – 1.5% for all purchases, no annual fee.

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4. Capital One Quicksilver Cash Back – 1.5% on all purchases, no annual fee.
5. AMEX Blue Cash Preferred – 1% for all purchases, additional percentage for grocery, gas, retail
6. Chase Freedom – 1% on all purchases, great signup bonus opportunity.
7. Credit One Bank – 1% on gas/groceries, ideal for those with good credit scores.

8. Preferred Cash Rewards – Exclusively for USAA Members, 1.5% cash back
9. Susan G Komen – Cancer awareness card
10. Citi Double Cash Back Card – 1% when you purchase, 1% when you payback

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Get the Most from Your 2018 Cash Back Credit Card Offers

What exactly does cash back mean? Is it just some gimmick credit card companies use to lure you in? Can you really get money back on money spent? Of course you can. It’s typically referred to as investing, and this principle applies completely with cash back credit cards, particularly as we look forward to the coming year.

How Much Can You Expect Back in 2021?

The old standard for cash back rewards of one percent still lingers on many cards, but quite a few have increased it to five. If you happen to be a big spender with plastic, this is your opportunity to score. Major banks all have programs that will pay you back five percent when you spend within certain criteria. Categories and thresholds do apply, however, if you can work the details into your budget, the cash back you earn makes for sweet reward.

What Do You Have to Do to Earn it?

Determine the pattern to your spending habits, and match them with the card that will pay you back the most. While that may sound simple, deciphering the stipulations can be a complex and frustrating experience. Look first for the total amount of money you are required to spend in order to qualify for the advertised cash back rate and then make sure you can reach it. Plan on paying your bill in full when it arrives too. Consider also where the money must be spent, such as at a gas station or restaurant. Sometimes the perks rotate, so planning your purchases is the best way to maximize the return on spending. Many credit card companies also insist that you make a special request for your cash back, while it’s on autopilot with others. Additionally, you may need to select how your redemption is applied, like whether it’s toward your balance or in the form of a gift.

How Can You Get Even More Out of the Deal?

Eliminate possible restrictions, fees and other headaches involved with dealing with unknown variables. Find out exactly what terms apply, make sure you will be able to meet them in the specified time period and prepare a budget well in advance. For example, when the terms tell you when to buy from a certain category, stock up! Don’t simply say, “Well I don’t need that now”. Be as calculated and cunning in earning your cash back rewards as the companies are in divvying them out. They are betting on consumers being forgetful about categories and stipulations that qualify them for the big bucks. Many consumers fail to keep up their end of this complicated bargain, but you can be meticulous with your finances and reap huge rewards for your diligence.

Cash back should mean just that: Money right back in your pocket. Make 2018 the year you take the bull market by the horns and maximize on all the investments you make.

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