Top Rated Balance Transfer Cards For 2021

Looking for the best options to transfer a credit card balance and save money in 2021. If you are searching for 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers then you are at the right spot. We have one mission, to help you find the best balance transfer cards and review offers and promotions everyday to bring you updated news and advice.

Top 10 Balance Transfer Cards Rankings – January 2021

1. Chase Slate – 0% Intro For 15 Months, No Fee On Transfers During First 60 Days
2. Wells Fargo – 0 Intro Rate up to 18 months
3. Citi Simplicity – 0% Intro up to 21 months
4. AMEX Everyday – 0% Balance Transfer Intro Up to 15 months

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5. BankAmericard® Credit Card – 0% APR for balance transfers up to 18 months
6. Citi Diamond Preferred – 0% Intro up to 21 months
7. Blue Cash Every Card – 0% For up to 15 month
8. Citi Double Cash – a great promo card!
9. BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ – 0% up to 12 months.
10. Chase Freedom – 0% up to 15 months.

Start Now – Apply For These Cards and Lock in a 0% promotional balance transfer up to 21 months

Our mission is to help borrowers find the best zero percent and zero apr promotions offered in 2021. By reviewing the find print, examining hundreds of card offers and searching high and low to find as many card offers as possible. In today’s era, people are avoiding debt as much as possible. Credit card debt in 2018 was approximately 1.2 Trillion U.S dollars. This is up from approximately $980 Billion in 2017. However, savvy consumers are still taking advantage of zero percent balance transfer offers. So what is a zero percent offer?, a zero percent balance card is a credit card which as part of signing on for the credit card will allow you to transfer debt from one card, say your old visa to your shiny new balance transfer card. One of the great things about balance transfer card offers is the potential to save money by locking in a lower interest rate, allowing you to pay other high-interest debts or pay off your card balance quicker.

Top Zero Percent, Zero Apr and Promotional Transfer Offers in 2021

The down side is you must have good or at least decent credit to get one of these types of cards. In fact, Virtually all cards offering a zero percent transfer require excellent credit. That does not mean that if you have less than perfect credit you won’t qualify for a balance transfer as every back creates their own guidelines. One tip is to try to find cards specifically targeting fair, average or good scores depending on your situation and make sure you can realize savings.

When shopping around for one of these cards, look for perks or benefits. The credit card industry is extremely competitive, and deals can often be had simply by calling the credit card company that you wish to apply with. Look for cards that offer consumers cash bonuses if they spend a certain amount on the card in the first three to six months. Yes you may in the market for only a card with a zero percent balance transfer, but it is so a competitive market that the credit card companies often offer additional perks to sign up for their card since there are so many options available to savvy customers. When shopping for a new credit card, you must also be aware of the potential drawbacks. For one applying for a new credit card could lower your credit score. It is always a good idea to review your credit bureau report and know what your credit scores are before your apply for a card. Completing multiple card applications may impact or lower a consumer’s credit score even more. This dent to your credit score however will probably not last long. If you are looking to buy a home, be very selective with how many cards you apply for, as this can affect your mortgage. You also need to consider the credit limit offered by the credit card you are applying for.

2021 Best Cards From all of the major top banks all reviewed online

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