Month: May 2013

How to determine the best rewards credit cards if you are a frequent traveler

May 31, 2013

Travel, has become an essential part of life for many individuals. There are many, who find themselves traveling around the world either for work or for pleasure. Others, travel just as frequently only within a domestic setting. Everyone who travels, and has to pay their own expenses is interested in one thing. How can I […]

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What makes the Discover IT card a popular choice for students

May 17, 2013

Students Need to Know Why The Example Four IT Card is Such a Popular Choice There is a reason why the Example Four It card is such a popular choice of credit card for students. In addition to providing a good first card for young people growing in adulthood and teaching them the importance of […]

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Credit card transfer offers, what are some mistakes to avoid

May 8, 2013

Many consumers love taking advantage of credit card transfer offers. When doing a balance transfer, a customer can save a lot of money on interest. Of course, credit card companies rely on the fact that people will make mistakes. Here are five balance transfer mistakes to avoid. Making charges: Once a consumer initiates a balance […]

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